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  "Reliability of systems such as Telecommunications systems operate at single digits of minutes per year downtime. Critical Systems such as Aircraft flight control, military and medical systems have the most stringent requirements, operating at fraction of minutes per year downtime. Their downtime can jeopardize human lives or have high economic impact"

Reliability Facts

  The Reliability problems in today's competitive fast-paced environment are complex and can be addressed by numerous possible courses of action. Achieving High network Reliability requires evaluating multiple alternatives and choosing the best course of action.

The Solutions We design the system reliability that the customer/application requires, by applying the latest research in modeling and optimization.

This methodology provides the most convenient and useful way for decision-making. We can analyze multiple decision alternatives and present them to the customer in a clear and concise manner with appropriate recommendations before having to choose a specific implementation.

Reliability analysis is the key step in the design and use of a system to obtain the highest reliability for a given cost.

A complete analysis involves understanding of the system impact from different workloads, processors, languages, operating systems, networking architectures, database systems, etc, utilizing various analysis techniques such as statistics, probability theory, experimental design, markov models, simulation, and queueing theory. We combine them in concert with the latest research and leading edge findings to produce a comprehensive and sound design.

We utilize a systematic quantitative approach in analyzing system reliability. This approach lends itself to the development of predictive models for reliability planning. Instead of relying on intuition, ad hoc procedures, and rules of thumb, we provide an uniform and formal way of dealing with reliability problems.

Recent Work
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  • "Any Path Reliability Modeling" - Lucent Technologies, AT&T Bell Labs Innovations.

  • "Fault Removal Efficiency with Statistical Process Control" - AT&T Bell Labs.

  • " Network Control Point Reliability Modeling" - AT&T Bell Labs

  • Software Reliability Engineering Orthogonal Network Verification Testing" - AT&T Bell Labs.





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