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  "As more and more businesses and government agencies rely on distributed client/server and Web-based applications, performance considerations become extremely important"

Performance Facts


The analysis of intranets and Web servers is unique in many senses. First, the number of WWW clients is in the tens of millions and growing. The randomness associated with the way users visit pages and request Web services makes the problem of workload forecasting and capacity planning even more daunting.

The Solutions

  Performance analysis is the key step in the design and use of a system to obtain high performance and most cost effective. A complete analysis involves understanding of the system impact from different workloads, processors, languages, operating systems, networking architectures, database systems, etc, utilizing various analysis techniques such as statistics, probability theory, experimental design, markov models, simulation, and queuing theory. We combining them in concert with the latest research and leading edge findings to produce a comprehensive and sound design. We utilize a systematic quantitative approach in analyzing system performance. This approach lends itself to the development of predictive models for capacity planning. Instead of relying on intuition, ad hoc procedures, and rules of thumb, we provide an uniform and formal way of dealing with performance problems.

Recent Work

  • "Sun Services Capacity Management Process" - Sun Microsystems.

  • "Rescue Network Performance", USA Coast Guard

  • "Unified Communication Center Performance Modeling", AVAYA Communication

  • "AnyPath Performance Modeling", Lucent Technologies.

  • "Network Control Point Performance Modeling", AT&T Bell Labs



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