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  "Whether it is a emergency medical system, advanced military system, a financial transactions system , a communication network, or a distributed information service, today's systems are expected to perform at levels undreamed just few years ago.  Competitive pressures demand that the systems leverage technological advances to provide continuously increasing capabilities at reduced costs and within shorter delivery cycles."

System Modeling Facts


System Modeling starts by representing systems that may include combinations of hardware, software, data, people,
processes, and natural objects  in response to complex and often technologically challenging problems.

The Solutions

System Modeling can be used to

  • List requirements and assumptions 

  • Model structure and behavior 

  • Capture implied inputs and outputs

  • Segregate inputs and Outputs from behavioral flows

  • Allocate behavior onto structure

  • Capture and evaluates parametric constraints

  • Modify design as required to meet constraints

  • Model the user interaction

  • Modify design to reflect user interaction

  • Validate requirements and assumptions


Recent Work



  • "U.S Coast Guard Rescue Network"
    The Coast Guard’s advanced command, control and direction-finding communications system, was created to better locate mariners in distress and save lives and property at sea and on navigable rivers. The purpose of this study was to optimize the Performance and Reliability of the Network by modeling the different proposed architectures. The outcome allowed decision makers to establish the technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between Cost, Quality, Capacity, Reliability and Performance needs.

  • "Medical workflow modeling risk factors"
    This work presents our effort in medical workflow modeling to monitor risk factors that produce heart disease and strokes to take proactive actions to improve quality of life and reduce medical cost. Our goal is to provide a method for clinical processes and modeling including prevention workflow and decision intra-operative steps, and analysis of new methods to facilitate an easy implementation of hard- and software systems.


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